About Jessie & Adorn Beauty

Adorn Beauty is a luxury, in-home med spa designed to deliver instant beauty.

With affordable treatments done in the comfort of your home, you can feel your best even when life beckons.

Jessie decided to start Adorn Beauty to help women feel and look like their best selves. Adorn Beauty adds confidence and youthfulness to women and is a way to help women feel good now. Jessie spent over a decade in the television and film industry, sharing screens with Adam Sandler and Kathy Bates and meeting women on and off screen that had the desire to feel as youthful as they did on the inside, on the outside.

Working in the LA and New York markets, she has seen how many women have this need and wants to make sure they receive the best care they can in a conservative way so they feel and look like the best version of themselves. No cat-women or frozen faces here! At Adorn Beauty, we strive for a natural look.

Jessie has been a nurse since 2014 and started her career bringing life in the world as a labor and delivery nurse - a true passion of hers. Whether through labor or injections, Jessie has always wanted women to feel their best. Clients say that Jessie’s disarming demeanor and straight-shooting advice, leaves them feeling like they are talking to their best friend. She will make you feel totally comfortable and safe in her hands!